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We are a team of experts who, after decades of selling around the world, focus on helping you build the value of your company by building your international footprint; help you drive your career by building international skills; help you drive revenue by growing international sales.

While we have received a range of awards including the presidential E Award (awarded to only 1000 companies and people in 70 years), been selected Exporter of the Year by the Commerce Dept. Magazine and we have attended and lectured at some pretty good schools, that isn’t what we are most proud of or what sets us apart in the market. Unlike anybody else in this space, we eat what we kill – every penny that we have ever earned is associated with a purchase order.

Every pair of shoes our kids have every meal our families have eaten, came from our bag carrying sales efforts. That means that we understand you and what you are trying to do, and we know that a mistake can mean explaining to your children that they aren’t going to camp this year.

We have struggled to understand a market, we have had to choose between distributors without being confident in either, we have had to hire and fire salespeople whose culture we don’t get.

We have planned dozens of market entries; we have found and on-boarded more than 1000 distributors; we have hired and fired regional sales managers from > 40 countries; we have opened regional sales offices on every continent except Antarctica. In short – everything that you need to do to succeed and reaches your aggressive growth goals, we have done successfully, over and over again and we have developed repeatable and scalable processes.  

Our Principal has 30 years’ experience bringing in purchase orders from more than 130 countries on 6 continents.  His superpower is designing sales processes, building a multicultural team that can execute those processes, teaching the team to execute and then leading the team to follow the process with discipline. This has resulted in 4 digit growth multiple times, in several diverse industries and in myriad markets. After decades of adding to the value of companies an aggregate of more than US$ 500 million by growing international sales, he decided that mentoring others would allow him to focus on what he enjoyed and did best.

Our associates are sales stars from around the world who can help you navigate specific markets or industries or fill in when specific know-how is needed.  When different skills are needed, our list of part-time friends is vast and diverse. No sales, marketing or business development task is too large or too small for us to cover.

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