As a lifelong sales leader and passionate student within the profession of sales, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to and work with international sales teams. Navigating the subtle differences that exist between international cultures can be challenging. Zach has developed a thorough understanding of the sometimes-subtle cultural norms, mores and traditions that directly influence the sales process. As such, I have come to regard Zach as my go-to resource for all matters concerning international sales.

Ernie Watts

Founder and CEO

Sales Platoon

I have known Zach for some time now and the best recommendation that I can think of is this: if I had the chance to hire him in the future in any sales or business development role, I would. Very, very few people around the world know the world as well as he does. If international sales are what you need, then you need Zach. The Arabian Peninsula, Europe, South America? Check. Asia? Check. Pretty much any other part of the world? Check that too. To my knowledge, Zach has sold and closed deals pretty much anywhere. And that is really saying something.

Benjamin Levyy, Ed.D.

Chief Commercial Officer

Rubean AG Munich/Tel Aviv

Zach has a proven track record in building successful international partner-based sales channels. I have had the pleasure of being mentored by him as I built my sales career over the last 18 years. As the head of a large health services/distribution company, I wish my partner managers possessed Zach’s sales and market knowledge. He really knows how to navigate diverse markets and help coach sales teams to successfully close business using his targeted sales messaging approach.

Andy Hall

Chief Commercial Officer

Head of Hills Health Solutions, Australia

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Zach; we shared a common affinity for strategic and consultative sales. Zach was leading the international team at the time and on the occasions where Zach and I collaborated I was frequently dazzled by his knowledge of the international markets and his systemic approach to strategic and consultative selling principles--he truly brings a refreshing and much needed approach to modern, international sales. At the end of the day, no matter your strategy, it is about execution and delivering on revenue attainment, an area Zach is very well accomplished in and where he truly shines.

Mark Allegra

EVP Sales, CEO and Co-Founder

Value Squared Strategies

Zach was the best professional sales teacher, leader and friend, and everything one could look for in a good mentor. Not only is he perfect at his job, but he has also proven himself to be a loving and caring person, both in our business and out in the world. It would be impossible to count all the ways that he has helped me in my career. Not only has he been a fantastic mentor to me, but he taught me how to mentor other people, and was a great role model.

Dr. Samer Nashaat Tamer

Regional Sales Manager

Abbott in Cairo, Egypt

Zach is a unique type of professional businessman that you enjoy working with and compete against. I have worked with Zach for 5 years, as his partner, in which he demonstrated extensive leadership skills and an excellent business global mindset. Later on, I competed against him for four years in which he showed great ethical traits. I am proud to have Zach as a friend, no matter which side of business we are on... and I will always be!

Charbel Rizkallah

Director Offering Management & Commercial Excellence

Honeywell, UAE

Very few people have the level of in-depth knowledge of international business as Zach. This knowledge is drawn from years of experience and not just theory. This is why over the years, whenever I have a complicated international situation, I go to Zach for insight and guidance. I can attribute many of my international sales successes to learning from Zach. Zach knows everyone and is very well respected in the international business community.

Grace Preston

Director of International Sales

Establishing and building successful businesses globally is a challenge for even the most experienced professional. Zach's ability to use a process driven approach that identifies critical success factors translates to proven results in any industry.

Raleigh Wilkins

VP International Sales & Executive Director

Global Chamber Chicago

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I have witnessed first-hand how Zach can take an underwhelming International Sales Team and channel and in record-time turn it into a high-performing powerhouse. His depth and experience in building an international channel are unparalleled in the healthcare industry. Zach’s direct and pull-no-punches style cuts through the noise and gets to the vulnerabilities and remediation plan. He also exploits the existing strengths to get high-quality work and high-value sales so that both the vendor and the distributor grow year over year.

Jennifer Holden

VP Marketing, $5B revenue American manufacturer


What Zach taught me 15 years ago I still use today, and it puts money in my pocket every day.

Dr. Ahmed Adel Taha, MBA, MD

General Manager, Europe Middle East and Africa, $500M multinational manufacturing corporation


Zach is always my first call. He's led sales teams on every continent, in every market, and has been an exceptional resource to me when I've faced new challenges. Zach is creative and driven, and his nontraditional and pragmatic approaches always provide an insightful and clear path forward.

Karen Isaacson

Global VP HR Transformation, Chief HR Officer, Fortune 100 global organizations


I have built and grown sales orgs domestically and internationally for nearly two decades now. If somebody asked me to recommend an expert in international sales orgs, Zach is the guy who comes to mind.

Scott Lease

Sales Consultant & Strategic Advisor to startups around the world


As somebody who has worked for years in international sales, I look to Zach as a source of information and guidance in navigating new markets.

Konstantinos Chatzipolyzis

VP Export Sales, Samaras SA, Greece


If you don’t know who Zach Selch is, you are not traveling around the world enough selling. Zach is the most interesting and influential sales globetrotter who has an uncanny ability to take the complex world of international sales and make it easier to navigate—breaking through the cultural barriers and uncovering the golden opportunities within uncharted territories.

Ken Baldo

Veteran VP Sales, Ranked Top 50 LinkedIn Sales Stars


I worked with Zach on multiple sales processes. Zach is a very detail oriented planner, with good understanding of the big picture and capability to move through different layers of the organization. His people skills and capabilities to work in very diverse cultural environments made us succeed and reach our common goals.

Jani Asikanius

VP Sales, EMEA, Aiven Finland


Zach is an old friend and colleague, and the go-to for sales trainers like me when we are looking for guidance in the complexities of international expansion.

Gavin Tice

Partner, Sandler Training Ruby Group


As the head of sales for a large distribution company, I wish my other principals had the sales and market knowledge that Zach had... he really knows how to navigate diverse markets and help coach sales people to close business.

Yahya Gaznavi

Country Manager, Pakistan, $ Multibillion Global Distribution Corporation

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distributor network is incredibly complex, and many costly mistakes await even the experienced international hand. Zach’s strategic approach will show you where to start the process, how to vet and recruit the best dealers, and how to keep them focused on your product. His invaluable experience is now yours.

Tom Payne

Executive Sales Consultant and Author of "Selling with Charisma," and "The Causes of Sales Success"


Building a global footprint was key to the growth of our brand and our fund, and Zach was very helpful in advising us as to the early steps for expansion. Now we sell on 4 continents and we own brands from multiple countries.

Paul Hletko

Founder, Distiller FEW Spirits / Founder, Sterling Beach Fund


Zach perfectly understands how to build partnerships abroad.

Antoine Trannoy

Managing Director and Board Member, Hoist Group France


I met Zach when I was the Director of International Sales. For me, Zach was a tremendous resource; he possesses a deep knowledge of the global healthcare market. Zach acted as a mentor and was always willing to discuss strategies and share his market knowledge and key contacts.

Pax Lindell

Director Channel Sales, Workhorse Group Inc


Zach worked very well between the US and the Japan teams to connect the different cultures in business to lead to success for both of them.

Maya Hoshino

VP International Sales, Paramount Beds, Tokyo Japan


I have been running a distribution company in Western Africa for decades and I have worked with dozens of principals. No principal understands Africa and nobody understands how to get channel partners to perform like Zach. if this is what you want to do, learn from Zach

Thierno Sall

CEO and owner, Africa Life Science, Senegal


Zach is a brilliant sales manager, pulling together a very diverse team, and coaching everyone to develop their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. By restructuring the sales process and coaching the team to work together, Zach was able to drive the sales growth substantially past anything that was anticipated.

David Goren

Vice President of Operation & APAC Affiliates Manager, Contguard, Israel


As an experienced sales coach and salesperson who's worked across numerous western countries, I can't recommend Zach enough for his vast international sales experience and knowledge. In the time I've known him, he's consistently demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, coupled with great decorum and a love of culture and travel. He possesses knowledge you can only gain by working at a local level - many tips missed by the competition.

Joe Henley

CEO, Prometheus Consultancy Services Ltdr


Selling to your home market is one thing, selling internationally is an entirely different art.

Oliver Dowson

CEO, International Corporate Creations, Author, Podcaster


Working with Zach was inspiring every day. His guidance, vast experience, support, and leadership taught me to strategically focus on key international sales management and business development areas, allowing me to successfully lead my sales teams and channels in every territory, achieving consistent profitable growth over the years. This, while building strong long-term commercial relationships with sales channels, consultants, commercial offices and customers. I cannot thank Zach enough for his international sales mentorship, which became such an integral part of my career. I hope to inspire others as he has inspired me.

Daniel Corredor Ferrari

General Manager Latin America and the Caribbean, multi-billion-dollar manufacturing corporation


As a consummate sales professional, Zach's insights are something I've always valued and considered. However, when it comes to selling on an international level, he's definitely my " go to" resource.

Marc Bodner

Veteran VP, Sales


Zach knows more about selling to Africa and building African channels than any Westerner I have ever met. Learn from him. Sarabjeet Singh Bhasin, Business Head Kontron India, former product leader Nokia Zach has a fantastic understanding of the Indian culture and the Indian business culture and was able to bring in fantastic results with the team because of that understanding as well as his hard work and great team leadership.

Obiely Tayoro

CEO Wit Consulting SARL, Ivory Coast


As vice president of sales in Brazil, I worked with Zach for almost 20 years and no American knows how to boost sales in Brazil like Zach does. His insight and approach taught us to increase sales in Brazil in a dizzying way. Our approach changed, we made the market understand that buying with us was an investment, we started to find key people in organizations, our customers multiplied their purchases by tenfold (transfer price), we established an unknown brand as number one in record time in our country, in every province.

Roberto Pizzotti,

VP Sales, distribution company, Brazil