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We mentor to help you overcome obstacles. We train to make you self-sufficient. We provide done-for-you international sales services. We build turn-key international sales organizations to your specs.

  • When mid-market manufacturers or start-ups want to grow international sales, they reach out. 
  • When top universities, the Commerce and State Departments and trade organizations want to teach international expansion, they reach out.
  • When owners and investors want to grow market cap through global growth, they reach out.
  • When executives want to develop their careers by gaining a global perspective, they reach out.
International Sales Training - Global Sales Mentor

Why do I do this?

After building 10 international sales organizations from scratch and driving >1000% growth multiple times, I realized I didn’t enjoy running a smoothly running organization. I enjoyed building from scratch and turning around failing organizations. My wife asked me how I could spend more time having fun, and I realized that what I would like most to do is help grow several companies in parallel, not one at a time.

That was the genesis of Global Sales Mentor.

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I am not an academic or a diplomat. I am from the trenches with the scars to prove it. I have brought in hundreds of millions of dollars in PO’s from >130 countries on 6 continents over 30 years. My passion is building and growing international sales organizations. 

What can we do for you?

Interim International Sales Manager - Global Sales Mentor
International Sales Coach - Zach Selch
Fractional International Sales Manager - Global Sales Mentor



"Over 100 videos covering a wide range of issues that can help you sell better internationally, understand other cultures and enjoy your time on the road."

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