Over and over through the years I have heard people with excellent educations say that what they have learned didn’t prepare them for growing global sales. The vast majority of people in the field are thrown in to sink or swim, and very few swim. Growing the Global Market may be the most important job in the company, and nobody would put a VP of engineering or finance in place with so little preparation for the job as we typically do with VPs and Directors of International Sales.

Do you want to know how to find distributors? How to onboard and train a global sales organization? how to make sure that you get paid while growing revenue? You won’t get any of that in any school out there. There is typically nobody to teach you. Nobody to guide you. You are all on your own.

I have attended a good university, done coursework at a world-class b-school, participated in dozens of workshops, read hundreds of books.

Nobody was teaching what I needed to know. Most of my peers, and even the people who were supposed to be advising people like me, none of them really had the knowledge it took to drive global sales. I had to go out looking for it myself. I always wished that there was a school for this.

That is why I put together this training program, the only course that teaches you what you need to know to grow global sales. Through a combination of video-based coursework, group discussions and one on one coaching, you will learn what you need to know; you will master what most people crawl though a career without ever learning.

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