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Antoine Trannoy

Partner chez Jolt Capital

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Zach, who perfectly understands how to build partnerships abroad. He furthermore has a great culture and I took a real pleasure, while travelling together,discussing about painting and architecture.”

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David Ben-Ami

Executive Investment Director at SBI JI Innovation Advisory Ltd.

“Zach was my student when I was TA with the Wharton--Recaati school of business, Zach had a great understanding of the international healthcare market and a sharp knack for strategy and acted as a Mentor to some of the less experienced members of his team.”

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Benjamin Levy

Chief Commercial Officer at Stealth Mode Fintech Startup

“I have known Zach for some time now and the best recommendation that I can think of is this: if I had the chance to hire him in the future in any sales or business development role, I would. Very, very few people around the world know the world as well as he does. If international sales are what you need, then you need Zach. The Arabian Peninsula, Europe, South America? Check. Asia? Check. Pretty much any other part of the world? Check that too. To my knowledge, Zach has sold and closed deal pretty much anywhere. And that is really saying something.”

The best way to add value to a startup or a mid-market manufacturing company is by growing the international sales footprint. Unfortunately, it is extremely rare to find people with sufficient proficiency and experience to drive this growth. 

Auditing an existing sales organization

We can look under the hood and give you a quick but extremely accurate evaluation of a sales organization with a training/improvement plan to allow you to understand exactly what is going on and what can be done to drive global sales growth. Our 30 years of driving >1000% sales growth across industries and in more than 130 markets, gives us the skills and experience to cut through fog to the accurate and relevant data. 

Oversight of an existing sales organization – we can provide you with eyes and ears on the ground to help you keep on top of what is really happening in a sales organization. 

Turn-Key. We can build a world class sales organization from a blank piece of paper to revenue faster than anybody on your team can imagine, and hand it over with the new car smell. There is no better or faster way to drive the value of your investment up.  


With more than 30 years of experience in sales and sales leadership, bringing in purchase orders from more than 130 countries, living in 6 countries on 5 continents, building 9 global distribution networks from scratch, onboarding close to 1000 distributors and managing dozens of international sales people from more than 40 countries, I am in a great position to support your teams as they grow their markets, I can be there to answer their questions, help them figure out their path to growth. I offer many different coaching and mentoring packages, but I can be there for your teams, face to face or on the phone as needed. 


We offer a range of training options designed around giving your team the tools that they need to succeed in international sales. Each and every piece is practical and will give your team take-aways that they can use immediately to drive growth. 

  • They will learn to build an international expansion plan

  • They will learn to choose the right markets for expansion and growth

  • They will learn to audit your existing organization and build a transformational plan 

  • They will learn to find and onboard the right distributors in the right markets 

  • They will learn to find and hire regional sales managers

  • They will learn to manage an international sales team 

  • They will learn to get the very best results from an international sales organization and drive transformational growth 


Even the very best and most experienced global sales leaders find themselves faced with tasks that they do not have bandwidth for or are not comfortable with. We can help your team with virtually any task that an international sales leader faces. 

  • You can have an Interim VP of Global Sales in place and running in a matter of days. 

  • You can have a Fractional VP of Global Sales in place and running at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee. 

  • You can have a go to market plan with only hours of your team’s labor. 

  • You can have a list of the best markets for your global expansion, with only hours of your team’s labor.
  • You can have a distribution network covering a region (Latin America for example) or the whole world, set up and handed to you, with only hours or days of your team’s labor. 

  • You can be introduced to the perfect Global VP of Sales or Regional Sales Manager candidate, sorted and tested and interviewed, for you to make final selection, with virtually no labor or time on your part. 

  • You can have a sales playbook handed to you, with only hours of your team’s labor. 

  • Your distributors, CEO, VP or regional managers can be coached regularly without overwhelming your schedule. 

  • You can have a sales training video library or sales enablement tools handed to you, ready- made, with virtually no time or effort on your team’s part.
  • You can temporarily fill a regional position with an interim RM, at a day’s notice. 

  • You can have a local guide to help you with the intricacies of virtually any market in the world. 

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