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Karen (Lurie) Isaacson 

Global VP & Chief HR Advisor – SAP

“Zach is the gold standard for international sales leaders.  He is exceptionally creative and results-oriented, and he has unparalleled experience in a wide range of cultures and economies on all continents. Zach's training and consulting would benefit any individual or organization trying to take their sales game to a new level. Zach’s contacts in the field of International Sales Managers is unparalleled, and his knowledge of the sales process and cultures is such that nobody can beat him in finding international sales assets.”


You can have an Interim VP of Global Sales in place and running in a matter of days. 

  • You can have a Fractional VP of Global Sales in place and running at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee. 

  • You can be introduced to the perfect Global VP of Sales or Regional Sales Manager candidate, sorted and tested and interviewed, for you to make final selection, with virtually no labor or time on your part. 


With more than 30 years of experience in sales and sales leadership, bringing in purchase orders from more than 130 countries, living in 6 countries on 5 continents, building 9 global distribution networks from scratch, onboarding close to 1000 distributors and managing dozens of international sales people from more than 40 countries, I am in a great position to support your teams as they grow their markets, I can be there to answer their questions, help them figure out their path to growth. I offer many different coaching and mentoring packages, but I can be there for your teams, face to face or on the phone as needed. 

On-Boarding coaching

Having recruited, on-boarded and managed dozens of sales leaders from more than 40 countries over 30 years, I am in an excellent position to coach both hiring managers and newly hired sales managers to smooth over the cultural transition and reduce churn. 



We offer a range of training options designed around giving you the tools that your team needs to succeed in international markets. Each and every piece is practical and will give your team take-aways that you can use immediately to drive growth. 

  • They will learn to build an international expansion plan.

  • They will learn to choose the right markets for expansion and growth.

  • They will learn to audit your existing organization and build a transformational plan. 

  • They will learn to find and onboard the right distributors in the right markets.

  • They will learn to find and hire regional sales managers.

  • They will learn to manage an international sales team. 

  • They will learn to get the very best results from an international sales organization and drive transformational growth.

  • They will learn how to manage and leverage cultural differences from the perspective of selling and sales management, looking at 50 world business cultures and their differences and similarities.


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