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(Sell More Via Channel Partners) Cauchi

FISM Helping founders and investors of disruptive technology scale ups achieve 200%+ profitable revenue growth year on year Hare Hatch, Berkshire, United Kingdom

“Zach understands people, has a talent for strategy and knows howto establish, grow and develop a sales channel through genuine partnerships. He has decades of scar tissue underpinning a sharp, observant mind and commercial intuition.”

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Yossi Aldar

Founding CEO at OmnySense

“I have known Zach for several years. He has excellent channel management skills and brought in a great team of sales managers and channel managersand to grow our EMEA sales, including in some key markets. “

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Doug Rockwood

Executive Vice President Sales & Customer Service at Curbell Medica

“I value the professional relationship that I have developed with Zach Selch. Zach is an energetic, bright, friendly individual who has a keen sense of developing business. I admire the manner in which Zach manages our relationship, with integrity and respect. It is clear to me that Zach proactively connects quickly to others and builds and leverages relationships in order to develop business.”

Building a strong international sales presence is one of the best ways to grow the value of a company, but it is also one of the most dangerous things that a company can do. Very few CEOs have direct experience with International Sales Growth, and leading this effort often falls on the CEO to oversee. 


With more than 30 years of experience in sales and sales leadership, bringing in purchase orders from more than 130 countries, living in 6 countries on 5 continents, building 9 global distribution networks from scratch, onboarding close to 1000 distributors and managing dozens of international sales people from more than 40 countries, I am in a great position to support you as you grow your markets, answer your questions, help you figure out your path to growth. I offer many different coaching and mentoring packages, but I can be there for you, face to face or on the phone as needed. 


Even -We can help you with virtually any task that an international sales leader faces. 

  • You can have an Interim Global Sales Manager in place tomorrow.
  • You can have a fractional Global Sales Manager at one quarter to one half the cost of a full employee, in place tomorrow. 

  • You can have a go to market plan with only hours of your labor. 

  • You can have a list of the best markets for your global expansion, with only hours of your labor. 

  • You can have a distribution network covering a region (Latin America for example) or the whole world, set up and handed to you, with only hours or days of your labor. 

  • You can be introduced to the perfect Global Sales Director or VP or Regional Sales Manager candidate, sorted and tested and interviewed, for you to make final selection, with virtually no labor or time on your part. 

  • You can have a sales playbook handed to you, with only hours of your labor. 

  • Your distributors, your International VP of Sales or regional managers can be coached regularly. 

  • You can have a sales training video library or sales enablement tools handed to you, ready- made, with virtually no time or effort on your part.  

  • You can have a local guide to help you with the intricacies of virtually any market in the world. 

  • You can have a system in place to drive accurate forecasts. 

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