Mentoring Start-Ups for Sales Growth


No matter how good your product is, nothing happens without sales. When we start to grow internationally, we worry about regulations, shipping, currency fluctuation, but what will make or break our global expansion is whether we know how to sell globally.

Most global sales leaders get thrown into the position with no training or coaching. They know how to sell and know the product, but they need to learn how to sell globally.

No school teaches this. Even in the most international of business programs, there are no programs that teach what you need to build and run an international sales organization.

Until now, we have built the first and only program that is designed to give a global sales leader the skills needed to build and run a profitable, growth-oriented sales team.


  • 40 hours video training on global sales
  • 10 hours of video training on basic sales
  • 10 hours of video training on cross-cultural business
  • 5 hours one-on-one video coaching
  • Membership in a global sales mastermind group
  • Dozens of templates, forms, and tools that can save hundreds of hours for a new exporter
  • 50 asynchronous coaching calls to answer questions that come up over the first year
  • Access to an online global sales playbook


  • The Questions that You Need to Ask in Planning
  • How to Source Information for Research
  • Basic Concepts in Global Sales
  • Identifying Markets
  • Building a Customer Avatar
  • Building a Distributor Avatar
  • Structuring a global Sales Organization
  • Designing Your Team
  • Writing Your Business Plan
  • Preparations at HO Before You Expand
  • Shipping
  • Finance
  • Administration
  • Legal issues
  • Building a Playbook and Sales Enablement Tools
  • Recruiting Regional Sales Managers and Your Team
  • Onboarding Your Team
  • Training Your Team
  • Ongoing Management of a Global Sales Team
  • Finding and Using Tactical Intelligence
  • Finding Potential Partners
  • Interviewing Partners
  • Evaluating Partners
  • Negotiating Agreements with Partners
  • Ongoing Management of Partners
  • Building a Sticky Community of Partners
  • Building a Partner Playbook
  • Auditing a Poorly Performing Team/Organization
  • Putting in Place and Executing a Remedial Plan
  • Strategic Planning for Sales Growth
  • Marketing and Sales Enablement Tools
  • Interaction Between HQ and the Field
  • Best Practices in Sales Operations
  • Training and Coaching Your Team
  • Team Hygiene
  • Ongoing Measurement of Team Activity
  • Trade Shows, Conferences, Interaction with Marketing
  • Reporting, Evaluating, and Improving
  • Core Elements of Cross-Cultural Selling
  • How to Use Cross-Cultural Selling Skills
  • Cross-cultural selling to Latam
  • Cross-cultural selling to Asia
  • Cross-cultural selling to Europe
  • Cross-Cultural selling to Africa
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