Three hundred and thirteen million people live in the United States, and seven billion people live in the world. Ninety-nine economies are growing faster than the U.S. economy. Exporting extends product life cycles, grows customer base, and avoids seasonal downturns.

All of these facts lead to one conclusion: successfully growing the Global Sales Footprint can be the single best way to add manufacturing jobs, shareholder value, and stability to a company.

That said, less than 1% of U.S. companies successfully export, and more than half of companies that try to do it give up without succeeding. Companies that try and fail at this venture are substantially more vulnerable than companies that do not attempt it.

The hardest and most dangerous part of growing the Global Sales Footprint is building the Global Sales Organization. Virtually no company has these skills in house, and finding people who are a good fit for your corporate culture and can carry out the very specialized task of overseeing a rapidly-growing Global Sales Organization is extremely hard and expensive.

That is where I can help you.

I can build you a world-class sales organization, put all the parts in place, fill your sales funnel, and hand it over to you when it’s fully functioning. I can remove your risk, cut your ramp-up time by 75%, and lower your costs. I’ll boost your revenue and profits, fast.

You get:

  • A comprehensive business plan, including detailed customer and channel partner avatars and target-market prioritization
  • Identification, recruitment, and onboarding of best the possible sales channel partners in the best target markets
  • A playbook, training material, and sales enablement tools for the channel sales organization
  • A CRM and internal information flow system put in place
  • Recruitment, training, onboarding, and handover of a fully-functioning sales team as needed, including back office staff, regional sales managers, and a VP
  • A funnel full of sales opportunities
  • Fast, safe, cost-effective, sustainable, and profitable sales growth
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