Three hundred and thirteen million people live in the United States, and seven billion people live in the world. Ninety-nine economies are growing faster than the U.S. economy. Exporting extends product life cycles, grows customer base, and avoids seasonal downturns.

A company’s most important task is often growing their Global Sales Footprint. It can also be the hardest task. Success in this area can be a career-changer for individuals and can be the single element that brings the biggest value to a company.

That said, less than 1% of U.S. companies successfully export, and more than half of the companies that try to do it give up without succeeding. Companies that try and fail at exporting are substantially more vulnerable than companies that do not attempt it.

If you want to attempt it, you can cut your risk, your ramp-up time, and your cost while growing your footprint, your revenue, and your company value.

I can help you.

How I mentor you to Global Sales Success:

I coach you to build the fundamental building blocks – answering the “who,” “why,” “where,” and “how” questions about your product. I build a customer avatar and a path-to-market plan as well as identify the correct target markets and work with you to build a business plan.

I help you build your marketing communications, your deck, your sales training material, your playbook, and all the elements of your international sales operations.

Using my extensive database of over 10,000 distributors in over 130 countries, I help you find two or three solid candidate distributors in each target market who are a good fit for your company and product. Together, we’ll find the best employees for your needs and onboard and train them so you have a high-performing
team in place. I help you, using my extensive network, to find the right sales and marketing team. With my numerous contacts (I’ve sold to over 130 governments and virtually every major hospital group on six continents), I’ll help you build a sales pipeline.

You’ll achieve a solid sales footprint, a top-performing global sales team and distribution organization, and the sales operation/marketing/administration back office of a larger, veteran global sales organization, in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost, and for a fraction of the risk.

I am here for you along the pathway to success. I’ll guide and support you and protect you from surprises.

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