Global Sales is one of those positions that takes years to get good at, and by the time you are good at it, you often move on to your next challenge. Decades of domestic sales leadership, even years as an RM in one region, does not guarantee you the skills or specific knowledge you need to excel when you take over Global Sales. Everyone struggles with entering new markets, dealing with multiple cultures, and finding the right partners. Often, nobody is there to help you reach success.

That is where I can help.

For over 30 years, I was a Director or VP of Global Sales. Four times, I have delivered hockey-stick growth curves to companies, driving sales growth up more than 1000%. I have received awards for export excellence from state governors and the U.S. President, and the U.S. Commerce Department selected me as Exporter of the Year.” I have achieved my sales goals for over 100 quarters of selling into more than 135 markets.

Now, I coach Global Sales Leaders to reach their full potential. I am a Certified Executive Coach, a Fellow of the International Association of Sales Trainers, and I wrote the definitive book on Global Sales. Over the years, I have mentored dozens of VPs of Sales as well as six CEOs.

My coaching is not about going from ‘novice’ to ‘okay.’ I coach from ‘excellent’ to ‘stellar.’ I aim to take you to a level of achievement that will drive up the value of your company, make you a global leader, and give you a huge boost on your career path. Tiger Woods, Meryl Streep, and Mohamed Ali all worked with coaches during their entire careers for a reason. A coach is a sounding board for ideas, a guide to keeping you focused, and a source of experience and knowledge.

I have sold into the markets you want to sell to; I have struggled with the issues you are struggling with, and I have made the mistakes that you can now avoid with my guidance. I will help you choose the right markets, find the right partners, build the right sales enablement tools, and onboard the right team. With me, you’ll have a guide on the difficult paths, a caution from danger, and an introduction to the right people.

Please reach out. I’m happy to set up a coaching call so we can get to know each other and see if this opportunity is a fit that can help you achieve your goals.

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